What The Apprentice Has Shown Me So Far

20th November 2018 by Tom Bunday

So, what has The Apprentice shown me so far?

Tom Bunday from The Apprentice Series 14

What hasn’t The Apprentice shown me so far!

Being put in extreme situations is something that I have always enjoyed and have always been keen to continue throughout my life.

Others insecurities are your security

Something that I really picked up on during the interview stages, where I must have personally have been around at least 4,000 other applicants, was that everyone was so worked up that they all seemed either fake or like a nervous wreck.

Remember that ‘others insecurities are your security’.

Make sure that you stay true to yourself and don’t get wrapped up in whatever situation is occurring around you. It is crucial to at least pretend to yourself that you are in control of the situation, or at least in control of your actions in the situation.

Argue from logic, not emotion

There is a lot of confrontation in the process as you are with such a variety of personalities.

You live, work and eat with them so you are bound to clash. But one thing that I've noticed is that when people get frustrated, generally with a valid point, their emotion takes over and they go off on a tangent and end up sounding like a plonker.

So ‘if you disagree with someone argue from logic, not emotion’.

If you can get yourself in a position where you feel in control of the disagreement, through the disciplining of your emotions, you will frustrate your opposition even more putting you in good stead.

Keep it simple

Another thing to remember with this process is that you'll have so many different things to think about at once, and you'll have so much pressure to produce good results. People tend to make a real simple situation complex, so remember ‘don’t over complicate, keep it simple’.

Apply this outlook to whatever task is in front of you. It will enable you to get the best results for what you set out to achieve instead of going off on a tangent where your efforts will be misplaced.

Know your strengths

Everyone in the house has something that they are good at otherwise they wouldn’t be there. In all honesty, even if some of the candidates that have been fired so far looked a bit stupid I can safely say that none of them are.

The thing that became clear to me was that each of these candidates ‘know their strengths and play to them’.

If you can figure out what specific things set you aside from others then you can play off them to get people to listen and follow whatever it is that you want them to hear.

Not only will you be heard but also you will show people what your full capabilities are.

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