The Really Simple Marketing Report

Use this spreadsheet to easily track where your jobs are actually coming from so that you don't waste your marketing money!

Tom Bunday introducing the TradeScaler free planner

Tom Bunday

I'm Tom Bunday and I’d like to share with you the Really Simple Marketing Report I use to make sure I am not wasting my marketing budget.

It shows me which marketing channels are really working for me and which marketing channels are a waste of money.

It’s a free download that consists of a spreadsheet that’s setup to let you record your sales and then assign each sale to a marketing channel or advert placement. A graph is automatically produced so you can see which channels are most effective.

Sometimes the simple solutions are the best and this easy-to-use report has helped me grow multiple businesses. It will help you:

  • Track where your leads are really coming from so you can make sure your most important marketing channels never run dry of leads 
  • Identify your highest and lowest performing marketing channels so you know where you could be spending more time and money but crucially where you should be saving time and money 
  • Spend your marketing budget much more efficiently. So many people out there want to take your marketing money and waste it but with real data you'll be able to make informed decisions on where is best to spend your marketing money

I'm sure you'll like it and I hope you will use it to grow your business just like I use it to grow mine. 

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