Websites for Tradesmen

Get a website that will help turn your visitors into customers

Here’s how we can build you a website that will work as hard as you do and convert more of your visitors into leads and customers.

It’s never been easier for someone looking for your exact service to find who they need. All they have to do is get out their phone, and in less than 3 seconds Google has given them links to a whole load of companies that can help them.

If you don’t want to miss out on these leads then you need a website. And you’re going to need a great website if you don’t want the customer to hit the back button and go to one of your competitors.

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It’s time to stop leaving money on the table and get a website that works for you

We build websites for the trade industry and our guys have over 10 years experience doing this.

We Want Your Website to Convert 

There’s no point having the best looking website in your industry if it isn’t doing the job of converting visitors into leads. We want your website visitors to be sending you enquiries.

That's why, apart from looking good, all our websites are made to:

Set a great first impression

So that your company stands out from the competition, getting your visitors to stick around long enough to get a solid look at who you are. We want your website to reflect your work. That’s why all the sites we build look clean and professional.

Demonstrate that you can do the job

We want your visitors to know that you can help them better than anyone else. They're looking for someone that can help them, so we keep all our websites customer orientated.

Show that you are trustworthy

People will only buy from others that they trust so we want your visitors to see that you and your company are completely trustworthy.

There is a downside...

You’ll be getting more leads that you were before and you’ll probably have to work harder doing all the new work you’ll get. But we don’t think you’ll mind one bit!

Our 3 Step Process

This is the process that will get you a website that will work as hard as you do
Research & Specification
Design & Build
Test & Launch

1. Research & Specification

We start with the goal in mind. First we need to find out what you do and where you do it. Then we will want to know about your brand identity. Whether you’re starting from scratch or have a pre-existing look and colour scheme, we want to know so that we can make you a website that will fit in with your image.

We will want to know who you think your most successful competitors are and if there are any other websites you like the look of (in your industry or otherwise). This is something we can use for inspiration and to help us map out the structure of your website.

We will then ask you to provide us with any text, or bullet points if you would like us to write the text, and some photographs of your work and your team.

At the end of this step we will both know what you will get with your website and once we have agreed the specification we will move onto the next step.

2. Design & Build

We will take your existing branding (but don’t worry if you don’t have any, we can help!) and get to work designing your new website.

We will start with the home page, creating the header and footer and some of the key design elements that will be carried across every page of your website to give you a clean and professional look.

We will get you to take a look at our work so far so that we can get your feedback before we move on to creating the final pages. Nothing is set in stone, but the more feedback we can get now the more time we can save later down the line.

We will then create the other pages and you will get a chance to review the content of the entire website.

3. Test & Launch

We will test your website on multiple different devices, from mobile to desktop, to ensure that it looks great for everybody.

Once we have your final sign-off we will set your website free onto the Internet for everyone to see.

It will be hosted on our speed-optimised cloud servers based in London.

We will keep an eye on your website, making sure it has the latest security updates and is being indexed by Google properly.

Examples of Our Work

Jack Toomer, from Access Engineering
“Tom and Shaun were a pleasure to work with. They really listened to what we wanted, and took on board our feedback, to create us a fantastic website that reflects the high quality of work we do ourselves. If you want a great looking website with a simple and efficient turnaround I would highly recommend getting in touch with TradeScaler. ”
Jack Toomer, Access Engineering 


Can’t I just build my own website?

Sure, go ahead. There are tools around today that make it easy for yourself, your cousin or your mate to build your website. But you’ve probably seen the results of someone trying to save a few quid and doing the job themselves in your own line of business.

Do your websites have built-in SEO?

For us, search engine optimization (SEO) is something that we build into all our websites from the start. Since our aim is to increase your sales we want your website to get as many relevant visitors from Google as possible. So we build your website with this in mind from the start.

Are your websites Mobile Friendly?

Over half the traffic to your website is going to be coming from a mobile phone, so of course we make sure your website looks and works great on smartphones and tablets.

Who do you build websites for?

We primarily build websites for tradesmen. If you're a plumber, electrician, carpenter, roofer, landscaper, gardener, mechanic or tree surgeon then we'd love to help you. There's too many trades out there to list them all so get in touch even if you're not in that short list!

Why should I go with Tradescaler over any other agency?

We start with the goal in mind. No, it’s not just to make you a pretty website, it’s to build you something that’ll help you get more leads, and help you turn your leads into customers.

But apart from that, we actually do this stuff in our own trade business. We’ve been through the process of running our own trades businesses in Southampton so we’ve got skin in the game.

And because we specialise in trade businesses we have tried and tested processes. Unlike other web designers we won’t have to waste time figuring out your industry.

Lastly, we know that word of mouth is the best form of business growth so we’re going to do the best job possible for you because we know that you know other tradies who could also benefit from our help.

Let's get started together

Right now we’re offering a free marketing review. If you already have a website let us take a look at it and we’ll tell you our thoughts and what we think you could do to make it better. You can carry these recommendations out yourself if you like. No obligation for us to do the work. We just want to help you succeed.

If you haven’t got a website then get in touch, we can start talking about it and get you a ballpark figure.

Request a Free Marketing Review
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