Bullshit Your Way In and Adapt

1st September 2018 by TradeScaler

Adapt to the Problems You Have

In order to scale your business you’re going to need to do things you haven’t done before.

You’ll be pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone. Maybe even leaving it altogether.

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable

This is something that is so hard and many people struggle with it. But it is a skill you will grasp as you go along in business.

You need to get into new situations that you haven’t been in before and make them work.

You’re going to meet new people in new areas.

At first no one really knows what they’re doing

No one really knows how to do something at first.

And that’s fine. Everything you have ever done in your life you once did for the first time.

It’s important to know how to act once you get into these situations. But first you need to know how to get into these situations in the first place.

Talk your way in

You need to be able to bullshit your way in. And when you know how to do this it will open up so many doors for you.

When we say bullshit we’re not saying that you should say something you’re not. You don’t need to lie. You just need to sell yourself (or your business) better.

You need to sound confident in order to gain trust from other people so that they give you the opportunity.

Let’s be honest with each other, it’s not straight forward and sometimes you really need to push yourself to get into the right situation.

But it’s the best way to learn.

How to face a new situation

When you are dealing with something new, most people worry about all the unknowns. The “What-ifs”

They think about problems that are 2-3 steps ahead of where they really are right now rather than face what is right in front of them. Sometimes this is out of fear.

The successful entrepreneur knows that there is no way to predict every potential problem that might come up. Instead he or she adapts to the situation and looks at what the problem is right now and then solves it. The “What-is”.

Adapting is about dealing with the problems that actually arise rather than wasting time on the problems that you think might arise but are actually unlikely.

So take a look at a new situation you or your business is in. Where do you need to make an impact to get the ball rolling? Pay attention to that.

Don’t worry too much about what is coming. Focus on what is immediately in front of you.

The rest will come.

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