Creating Your Business Mindset

14th September 2018 by TradeScaler

To start a business or to run a business you're going to need a good level of self-confidence.

If you're constantly second guessing yourself or doubting your decisions you'll never get anywhere. You'll shy away from anything out of your comfort zone.

But that doesn't mean you already have to have the self-confidence.

For some people it's an intrinsic character trait or something that's instilled into you at an early age by your parents. But for others it's important to know it can be developed any any age.

So where does self-confidence come from?

It doesn't usually just come from no where. It comes from success. Success breeds confidence and confidence leads to more success. It's developed by doing things outside your comfort zone and succeeding at them on any level.

When you're faced with something you've never done before, or something particularly challenging a lot of self-doubt can creep in.

But if you have the tenacity to forge ahead and push through that comfort zone and tackle that challenge your self-confidence will improve, especially if you get a tangible result.

Push yourself out of your comfort zone and give it a go no matter what. Ability and success are often down to attitude. If you believe you can do it you'll be predisposed to find ways to make it so.

So taking action is the key to developing self-confidence. And the key to taking action is to not get stuck in a planning loop. You can spend days or even weeks planning something to the minutest detail... but does it really achieve anything of substance?

Lots of people find planning is easy. It's all theoretical. You can make plans and feel productive. Action faking instead of action taking. It makes you feel productive, but getting off your arse and actually doing? That takes real grit and drive. It's what separates entrepreneurs from want-entrepreneurs. You can have an eight point plan drawn out with multiple highlights but until you actually implement it, it's just a bit of paper with some pretty colours on.

Remember this, a bad plan is better than no plan and taking action on a mediocre plan is better than never taking action on a perfect plan.

Remember also that you can refine your plan as you go. A plan is self-improving by nature. But if you get stuck in the planning stage, if you get analysis paralysis the nothing will ever get done.

So the one big take away to creating a business mindset is to always be taking action. Because by taking massive action you will improve your self-confidence and, more importantly, you will get shit done. A positive feedback loop.

If you need help cultivating your business mindset then you'll like our online training. It includes a whole module dedicated to mindset. And if you're to succeed you're going to need the right mindset.

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