How I Went About Building My Staff and Their Roles

31st January 2019 by Tom Bunday

How I Went About Building My Staff and Their RolesOne thing that no one ever told me was how to know when to get staff, what their roles need to be to enable you to make money from them and, at the same time, ensure the individual will assist you in growing your company.

One of the most intimidating situations to be in is to understand your job with absolute certainty but not knowing how to bring in others to grow your empire.

I always think if I knew 5 years ago what I know now I could have avoided so much pain in this area. I will probably will go on to think the same thing in coming years also.

It really does just come back to basics. Find people who are the best at what they do in your industry and hire them!

The thing with good staff is they tend to know other good staff and tend to want to be around people with similar skill sets.

So, you can set up a log of staff that are allĀ  low standard at a low cost which will, funnily enough, give you a low standard of work with a low income, or you can take the initial pain of paying someone more money to bring in their high-quality skill set and set the standard and type of client that you can serve.

In beginning I did hire rather shit people as I thought that my skill set would overcome their incompetency, This worked for a short while but if I had just gone for the more expensive option to begin with I would have excelled in a shorter time frame.

All I did was very simple, I formed roles to for fill one team, I then took on the role of sourcing work at the same time. When this work load got to a quantity that I could run a second team, I hired someone for leading the first team and sourcing work role.

I then continued down this road of creating a role, filling it with myself and giving the role to someone else when I had enough work to move forward.

It is a scary thing having to have the responsibility of paying someone but the sooner you can make it happen the sooner you will be able to manipulate your own time to work in your benefit.

So, remember hire the best, take the initial hit on your margin, create & fill roles and always move on.

To learn more about staffing, check out our Training Library.

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