The Lounge


It's possible to excel as a business owner whilst still maintaining a work life balance. In this podcast Tom talks about productivity techniques, efficiency and working smart.

From the Blog

The Lounge #3 with Andy McIndoe

27th November 2018

#4 - Andy McIndoe: Staffing

 Andy McIndoe is a top horticulturalist with over 40 years of experience in retail and production horticulture. Back in 1978 he joined a small garden centre as an assistant […]

The Lounge #3 with Simon Lees

5th October 2018

#3 - Simon Lees: Diet & Nutrition for Entrepreneurs

Recruitment team leader and fitness enthusiast Simon Lees joins Tom Bunday in the TradeScaler Lounge to talk about fitting diet and nutrition in amongst a busy work day.

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